Hi folks,

This is to say “Happy New Year” to you all.

I would also like to thank you you for always taking out time to visit this blog and read my write-up even though I have not been consistent.

I do hope to be able to take out time to share my thoughts on issues more frequently but would also appreciate your feedback when I do.

Before I log off, please permit me to share some thoughts on #Ebola. I know that many around the world are relieved that 2014 has finally gone. For most of 2014, the world came under the fear of #Ebola. By the time 2014 ended, over 7,300 had perished from #Ebola. Though the threat seems to have reduced a notch, until the scourge is completely eliminated, the world will always be under threat.

So, my appeal is simple. Let us not think that since 2014 is gone, @Ebola has gone with it: it hasn’t. We must, therefore, carry the fight against killer diseases like #Ebola and #HIV into 2015.

Let’s make it a Year 2015 to remember.

You can also follow me on Twitter @ehissman.


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