Boko Haram kidnappings: 1 year later, still no sign of the schoolgirls

Below is the CBC article on the one year anniversary of the Chibok girls. I hope you enjoy the piece and are galvanized into action by it. We’ll keep calling on the government to #BringBackOurGirls.

‘They have been gone a year now, the hundreds of girls abducted by Islamic militants from their school in northeastern Nigeria. And while the cry to “Bring Back Our Girls” remains a worldwide cause, the country’s next leader is not making the promise that his predecessor did — that they will be brought home.

“Never to be forgotten” is the new slogan adopted Tuesday by campaigners, replacing “Bring Back Our Girls — Now and Alive!”

Bring Back Our Girls march marks 1 year since abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls
On the first anniversary of the day 276 schoolgirls were snatched in the middle of the night from their boarding school in northeastern Nigeria, President-elect Muhammadu Buhari says he must be honest about the prospects of getting the 219 girls who are still missing back to their families.

“We do not know if the Chibok girls can be rescued. Their whereabouts remain unknown,” Buhari said in a statement. “As much as I wish to, I cannot promise that we can find them.”

On Tuesday, 219 girls dubbed “Chibok ambassadors” marched solemnly through Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, each carrying a placard with the name of the missing girl they represent.

“We are here to appeal to the government to do better, we want our girls now and alive,” said Solamipe Onifade, 16.

A candlelight march was planned for after sundown.

The statement by Buhari, a former military ruler of Nigeria who was democratically elected on March 28, is a marked departure from President Goodluck Jonathan, who, after his administration initially denied there had been a kidnapping, made repeated hollow promises that the girls would be rescued. Buhari takes over May 29…’

For the rest of the article click on this link:


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