I do not claim original ownership to this joke. Many thanks to the originator for letting us have a good laugh.

“Mike! Mike! Long time!”

“Yes o”

“Ah! Ah! This caveat on your finger. Have you been attached by any girl?”

“Yes o, last month”

“Na waoh. You did not put us on notice”

“There was urgency so I had to go by motion exparte.”

“Ha!Ha!Ha! Was it Blessing your Law School woman?”


“Wetin happen?”

“The affair was struck out”

“Who made the application?”

“She did suo motu”


“I was not talking of marriage. She thought I was not serious so she struck it out for lack of diligent prosecution”.

“Where is she now?”

“I don’t know, she is functus officio”

“When did you regularize your position?”

“Last month”

“Is her name on the roll?”

“No. She is not a lawyer”.

“Where is she from?”

“She’s Igbo”

“Ah! You married outside jurisdiction?”
“Yes. But it wasn’t easy. It took time before her parents granted leave”

“What did you do last month? Traditional or white wedding?”

“I frontloaded the process. I did the two on the same day. I needed to avoid cost”

“How did you serve your invitation process?”

“I served by substituted means. SMS”

“Did you serve Blessing?”

“No. She evaded service”


“I wanted to serve her orally but she refused to pick my calls”

“How much did you spend?”


“Does it include its appurtenances?”

“Yes. The white wedding, traditional wedding and every other thing incidental thereto”

“Na wa oh. I’m thinking about getting married seriously”

“Just prepare your processes and go for assessment”


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